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AUKE BV is a Dutch management and advice agency, located in Burgum (the Netherlands). Our company has almost 30 years of experience in the field of Consultancy & Management. Next to that we have experience with the import and export of products all over the world.

AUKE BV was founded in 1990 as an import and export consultancy. Since then, AUKE BV has imported lots of products, especially dairy products from Eastern bloc countries. Read more about our company down below.


  • Business development
  • Market research and matchmaking
  • Project Management
  • Process planning


  • Teamwork is the basis
  • The first cover is always personal
  • Learning is daring to experiment
  • Collisions are healthy
  • Process methods will lead to results

We consider these principles as our DNA! The core of our philosophy, our way of working, our colour, our identity, our character.
Our goal: Achieving a better future for you by working together closely.


Auke Boskma

Auke Boskma

"The mission of a project is to bring improvement in the manner that things are done. How we make products, how we deliver services, how we process information, how we approach the market or how we realize strategic goals. When I am guiding companies, projects or project managers I will focus on that mission. I try to do that in a practical manner as much as possible based on the experiences of the different people involved."

Walentina Boskma-Ter Maat

Walentina Boskma-Ter Maat

"I believe that people go through a continuous development, they can reach more than they may think in the first place. By experimenting, making mistakes, making successes visible and by reflecting on those situations, we are able to learn from each other continuously. I would like to be a part of that! I am curious and striving for mutual understanding. I am determined by nature and patient when guiding people. I want to offer people space and trust so that they can achieve their goals. Thanks to my dear Russian mother I speak the Russian language and it is because of that I feel really bonded with the Russian people and culture."

"Insight gives outsight"



A selection of our projects and services:

  • Cosmetic factories in the Netherlands
    We founded three factories in the Netherlands of which one was succesfully sold to Andrelon.
  • The development of several enterprise zones
    The purchase of old buildings and old factories, after which we started it of from scratch and guided many new companies to a succesful future.
  • Guidance of the cosmetic industry in China and the development of a new productline.
    The introduction of new products and the delivery of the necessary raw materials.
  • Consultancy and export of dairy cattle and horses
    Twenty years of experience on a large dairy farm concerning the management and the improvement of the business economic results.
  • Translate activities
    Elaborate expierence as Russian translater within the dairy industry.
  • Real estate, among others recreation houses
    Managing real estate buildings
    Redesignation of special buildings


Mr. W.M. Oppedijk van Veenweg 20g
9251 GA  Bergum, The Netherlands
Auke Boskma (+31) 6 538 835 13
Walentina Boskma-ter Maat (+31) 6 558 837 40








Rinsma State, a special Frisian estate, has been sold.
The purchase and negotiations were carried out by AUKE BV in Burgum.
The State is owned by Rinsma Invest BV.


Stania State, a beautiful Frisian estate, has been sold.
The purchase and negotiations were carried out by AUKE BV in Burgum. AUKE BV is currently working on plans for redesignation.


This former Reformed church has been transformed by Rinsma Invest BV into Theatre church Nes.
For contact: Stichting Theaterkerk Nes, contact person Anke Bijlsma


Metal Finish Group in Joure is an investment project of Rinsma Invest BV.
Jan Roos  is the CEO of this company is.


In addition, AUKE BV advises various companies, especially in Russia.


AUKE BV forms the board of RINSMA INVEST. The office of RINSMA INVEST is located at Rinsma State.

Starting position

A good trainer makes the difference! Guus Hiddink and Dick Advocaat are of great importance for the russian soccer team. This was not different in the past, already in 1697 Peter the Great came to the Netherlands in order to gain knowledge about the Dutch ship building industry.

It works the same way in the business world nowadays.
It is all about teamplay and mutual trust in each other.
Driven to work together
Knowing your own strenghts
Knowing your opportunities and use them in order to make a step forward
With as main goal to score

We have ideas!
We will see these opportunities and threats
We make plans and appointments
We will move organisations to a change
Our vision and principles have been tested during the years by and together with our clients